Q. How much is the Tap Fee?

A. The Tap Fee is currently $8,400.00 for one (1) single family equivalent (SFE). An SFE defines the average wastewater use of a typical residence in the Three Lakes Water and Sanitation District. Commercial buildings are rated according to an Assessment Chart that can be viewed in Chapter 7 of our Rules and Regulations. Each commercial building is rated according to its type of use and assigned an SFE rating. Each account shall have a minimum one (1) SFE.

Q. What are the fees once I have invested in the sanitation system and what is the billing process?

A. The District charges $28 per month per SFE upon the purchase of a Tap fee for all taps purchased after February 14, 2003. For taps purchased prior to that date, billing commences the day building plans are reviewed. Bills are sent out on the 1 st day of the 1 st month of each quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1, and are due on the 25 th of each of those months.

Q. Can you connect once you have paid your Tap Fee?

A. NO. A Tap fee is considered an investment or a "share" in the sewer system. The purchase of a Connection and Inspection Permit is required in order to connect to the District’s main line. The cost of a permit includes the cost of a mandatory inspection by District personnel of the physical connection before the service line trench is backfilled.

Q. Are you required to utilize the District’s sewer services? Can you chose an alternative method?

A. A District Resolution states that the improvements of any property, the boundaries of which are within 400 feet of a District sewer main, are required to utilize the services of the District. Occasionally the District will issue a temporary variance, i.e. in situations where the cost of connection would be extremely high due to the terrain or the inability to obtain an easement from neighboring property owners. A temporary variance is decided by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis, and is termed "temporary" because, if circumstances change in the future that would allow the connection to be made, the District will require the connection.

Q. As a new homeowner, what information do I need to provide the District to change an account ownership?

A. District personnel work closely with Title Companies. Once a copy of the Warranty Deed is obtained, our records are changed to reflect the new owner(s).

Q. If a Lift Station is required for service to my home, will the District maintain it?

A. Any lift station installed for a single property shall be installed, owned and maintained by the homeowner. A special request may be made to the District Board of Director’s for approval of a Lift Station that will service more than one property and the Board may consider District ownership, or joint ownership of the Lift Station by those participating owners.

Additional Tap Fee Information